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#1 - Development and Construction Management

 Financial Management  Public Relations and Advertising
Related Occupations and Career Areas...

Business Owner
Construction Financing
Data Base Administrator

Human Resources
Land Developer
Payroll and Timekeeping Clerk

PR Manager
PR Specialist
Publicity Writer
Training and Labor Relations

#2 - How Should It Look – The Design

 House Design  Interior Design  Site Selection
Related Occupations and Career Areas...

CAD Operator
Civil Engineer
Computer Programmer

Engineering Technician
Interior Designer
Merchandise Displayer

Procurement Clerk
Re/Wholesale Buyer
Residential Designer
Structural Engineer Surveyor

#3 - Where to Build – Breaking Ground

 Determine Material Costs/Purchase  Zoning and Permits  Site Prep
Related Occupations and Career Areas...

Construction/Building Inspector
Cost Estimator
Excavator (grading)

Heavy Equipment Operator/Mechanic
Legal Assistant
Purchasing Manager/Agent

Regional and Urban Planner 
Systems Analyst 
Wholesale/Retail Buyer

#4 Laying a Firm Foundation

 Purchasing Building Materials  Identifying Suppliers (Retail/Wholesale)  Laying the Foundation/Pest Control  Framing
Related Occupations and Career Areas...

Building Supply Sales Person
Carpenter Framer
Concrete Pourer
Construction Manager
Craft Laborer

Credit Agent
Credit Authorizer
Credit Checker

First Line Supervisor
Loan/Credit Clerk
Purchasing Manager and Agent

#5 Making the Parts Work – The Interior

 Electrical Wiring  Plumbing Septic Tank Sewer  H.V.A.C. and Insulation  Smart House Enhancements  Drywall and Tapers
Related Occupations and Career Areas...

Electrical Engineer
Electrician Plumber
Electronic Engineer and Technician
Environmental Specialist

HVAC Technician
Duct Installer
Insulation Installer
Lather and Helper

Product Specialist
Septic Tank Installer
Smart House Technician Structural
Reinforcement Iron Worker

So you’re thinking about buying a new home? Good decision. But, doing your homework is the first step to choosing the right home. Through the Winnegamie Home Builders Association’s buyer information, you’ll get tips on learning the home buying lingo, shopping around, choosing a builder, communicating with your builder, taking charge, wrapping up the sale and caring for your home after purchase.


    For lasting satisfaction, select a professional builder who is known for quality construction and strong customer service. Most home builders construct 10 homes per year and as small local business persons, rely heavily on referrals from previous customers to generate new business. As such, a home building company is only as good as its reputation. Most home building companies are in business to stay and they can only do so to the extent that they have satisfied customers. In fact, many builders live in the communities they build.

It is the American Dream to own your own home. Many people think they will save an enormous amount of money by building on their own, but this could end up being a costly mistake, financially, emotionally, and physically. Your home is the single biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Do you have the expertise to make sure this home will last your lifetime? Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I have the time to undertake a time-consuming project? Is it worth that time?
  • How stressful will this be for my family?
  • Do I have the skills to properly build a home?
  • Do I have the correct tools for the job I plan to do? If not, how much money will those tools cost? Will I use them again once the home is completed?

Hiring a WHBA member is a smart choice

Members of the Winnegamie Home Builders Association:

Our members invest time and money back into their business by educating themselves to stay current in the building industry and to be the best in their field. >Because of WHBA members’ professional development and training, you will have peace of mind that you are working with someone who will make your residential construction project go more smoothly and be more enjoyable. Members are up to date on new regulations and laws that affect the residential construction and remodeling market. >Members save you time and money in the long run, with a better built project. WHBA members are held to a higher ethical standard. Members of WHBA are continually involved in community projects to improve quality of life for us all.

Winnegamie Home Builders Association offers Value, Credibility & Resources

The Winnegamie Home Builders Association ARBITRATION PROGRAM provides a service in mediation/arbitrating disputes between contractors who are members of WHBA and home buyers/owners.

It is intended to provide an alternative to legal action and help resolve.

Why You Should Use WHBA Arbitration

  • Builder-Buyer disputes can be resolved quickly, fairly, and inexpensively.
  • Experienced Builders serve as arbitrators.
  • All arbitration rulings are confidential and are not made public.
  • Arbitration could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees

For information please call the office at 920-235-2962 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.